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Have you tried to purchase quality vintage items online lately? On Etsy and eBay you have to plow through thousands of yard sale quality items and cheap new mass produced stuff from China, to find anything of interest at all. It has become really hard to find the real treasures there. Many of the items are misidentified, have lousy photos, hidden defects or are shipped in a haphazard manner. How do you find quality items at a fair price in all this mess? As collectors of vintage and future collectible wearable art, we share your frustrations and decided to do something about it.

Hatatorium Emporium

from the creators of Hatatorium, the definitive e-book and online gallery of vintage millinery.

We have created the type of marketplace we wanted to see – a smaller, curated selection of fabulous vintage and new hand made hats, fashions and accessories from sellers vetted by us for quality items, accuracy of descriptions and superb customer service and compliance with our exacting shipping standards.

Stop wading through pages and pages of dubious listings
from unknown sellers and enter the world of
Hatatorium Emporium.Buy vintage and hand made with confidence!



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